The first binary plots I made were squares. And your first love never never dies. So I revisited them but I added some noise. They are not really square anymore, the four corner points are more or less in a square shape and change all he time.The result: a lively landscape with binary squares.

6 bits binary squares, noisy, silver on black, shuffled

  • 6 bits so 26 = 64 filled squares (8×8)
  • Changing sides
  • Plotted on Fabriano BLACK BLACK paper, 300g  A4.
  • Silver pen (Mitsubishi Uni-ball)
  • Shuffled, every square is unique
  • Dimensions: 19×19 cm


Detail (movie):

8 bits binary squares, noisy, black on white, in sequence

  • 8 bits so 28 = 256 filled squares (16×16)
  • Changing sides
  • Plotted on CANSON® XL® Bristol Bristolpapier A4.
  • Black pigmented pen
  • In sequence, from the top left to the bottom right
  • Dimensions: 19×19 cm