Most important: I do this for fun. I made this site due to the fact that there are people asking me if they can buy my plots. I love to sell my plots if it makes people happy. Not for any other reason. Questions? Send me an email.

  • First: if you don’t have enough money, contact me anyway. We will work something out.
  • You don’t have to pay Dutch taxes: I will take care of that. The taxes for importing artwork may differ from one country to another (inside the EU there are almost no restrictions). I urge you to do some research before you order a plot.
  • Before the transaction I will calculate the costs for transportation. I will email you the definitive price and if that is to much, you can still back out.
  • The plots are numbered. I will tell you before the transaction which number you will get. So they are not exclusive. If you want that, you have to email me so we can discuss the details.
  • The dimensions are the dimension of the “picture”. The signature, the number, the title are not part of that. I will send you the complete sheet (most of the time an A4) so that you ca cut it yourself.
  • All transactions are done by email. You mail me which one you wat to buy and if we come to an agreement, you wire the money and I will start plotting. When I get the money, I will send it to you. All a matter of trust.
  • I will send the plots in a strong box that will fit in your mailbox. Most of the time these boxes will reach you unharmed. If it goes wrong, send me an email (with a picture of the damage; maybe I can learn from that) and I will send you a new one straight away.
  • I buy the best paper and fineliners available. But! It is a drawing process, not a print. It is routed by a computer but the fine liners and the paper are as analog as can be. So sometimes the ink flow will come to a temporarily halt or the paper has a bump. When it is too much, I will make a new one but you have to be prepared for imperfections. If you are not, you better not buy the plots.