A battle of directions. We start with three horizontal arrows to the right and three vertical to the bottom when it is “TTTTTT”. When we reach “000000” three straight horizontal and three straight vertical lines are plotted. At the end, when we get to “111111” there are three arrows pointing to the left and three pointing to the top. And despite the fact that it’s all straight lines, it all looks surprisingly natural.

6 trits lines and arrows, black on white, in sequence (nr. 16-01)

  • 6 trits so 36 = 729 elements (27×27)
  • Plotted on CANSON® XL® Bristol Bristolpaper A4.
  • Black, pigmented fine liner
  • In sequence, from top left to bottom right
  • Blocks of houses are apart
  • Size: 18×28 cm



Detail (midden)