If you have ten matchsticks, it turns out there are 2008 really different ways to put them on the table without crossing each other. Thanks to Alexis Vaisse for providing me with the data. Check this wiki page about Matchstick Graphs.

Ten matchsticks, all 2008 configurations, black on white

  • 2008 configurations in a 30×67 grid (-2)
  • Plotted on CANSON® XL® Bristol Bristol paper A3.
  • Black pigmented pen
  • Sorted to get them as close together as possible.
  • Afmetingen: 39×27,5 cm
  • Sold one. It is quite a plot with more than 40,000 plotting movements.




















During the process of coding this plot, I made an animation of all possible configurations. Shall I make it into a NFT?